Customer Experience (CX or CE)

More Answers. Fewer Questions. Actionable Insights.

Customer Experience surveys are used in a variety of ways to measure satisfaction with company interactions. In many ways this type of study is related to loyalty measured generally by Net Promoter Scores. Loyalty is a synopsis of all experiences with your company. If you want to change loyalty, then you need to change the experiences that customers have. If you increase loyalty, more business referrals result and existing customers buy more.

Of course, the number of interactions a customer has with your company can be a few or many different types. Most companies measure a few key types of experiences such as purchasing, installing, supporting, using the product, upgrading and etc. CloudMR’s Adaptive Survey® Technology gathers and prioritizes improvement suggestions for these types of experiences through a short survey that generally looks like this...

  1. How satisfied are you with your recent experience with ABC Company’s sales team?
  2. Adaptive Question® among those dissatisfied: What should we do the next time to increase your satisfaction with ABC Company’s sales team?

That’s it. These three questions deliver more actionable insights than any Customer Experience survey that relies primarily on rating scales. Assuming you get 300 or so responses, the Adaptive Question® will deliver about 100 specific prioritized improvement suggestions. Our system also groups all suggestions using a patent-pending crowd-sourcing technology that will prioritize the general areas that need improvement. The output looks like this.

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