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Faster and Lower cost Team Decisions.

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Faster and Lower cost Team Decisions

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Use Adaptive Survey® Technology to Get Actionable Insights from your Organization

Our client is a large commercial bank with offices all of the United States. The IT department is responsible for resolving technical problems from all parts of the organization. "When we pose a question to IT personnel for a solution, I can expect 25 meeting requests by next week and up to 100 emails about the topic," according to the SVP in charge. "Adaptive Surveys® dramatically reduce the length and complexity of the process which makes us more efficient."

Groupinsight's Adaptive Survey® Technology is designed to gather open-ended suggestions and prioritize them using our patent-pending crowd-sourcing technique. It delivers specific actionable improvements along with general areas that need the most attention.

Here is what a typical employee-wisdom survey looks like using Adaptive Survey® Technology®.

  1. A single Adaptive Question® among department employees: [Problem Description] What should we do to solve the issue for our business?
  2. Give them a chance to say anything that they want: If you have other comments for regarding this problem, please enter them here.

That’s it. These two questions deliver the information you need to identify the solutions and priorities of your team. Assuming you get 300 or so responses, the Adaptive Question® will deliver about 100 prioritized solutions. Our system also groups all solutions using a patent-pending crowd-sourcing technology that will identify the general areas that need more resources. The output looks like this.

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