Wisdom of Employees

Use Adaptive Survey® Technology to Get Actionable Strategic Insights from Customer-Facing Employees.

Your own employees have amazing insights gained from years of talking to your customers on the phone every day. A short Adaptive Survey® will help you tap into their wisdom and identify improvements that will impact customers and get backing from your employees. CloudMR’s Adaptive Survey® Technology is designed to gather open-ended improvement suggestions and prioritize them using our patent-pending crowd-sourcing technique. It delivers specific actionable improvements along with general areas that need the most attention.

Here is what a typical employee-wisdom survey looks like using Adaptive Survey® Technology®.

  1. A single Adaptive Question® among customer-facing employees: Based on your experience with our customers, what should ABC Company do to improve loyalty among our customers?
  2. Give them a chance to say anything that they want: If you have other comments for the ABC Company executive team, please enter them here.

That’s it. These two questions deliver the information you need to understand the benefits and improvements needed to improve loyalty. Assuming you get 300 or so responses, the Adaptive Question® will deliver about 100 prioritized improvement suggestions. Our system also groups all suggestions using a patent-pending crowd-sourcing technology that will identify the general areas that need more resources. The output looks like this.

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