Improve Communications with Adaptive Survey® Technology.

You have a great product with great reviews from beta customers. You have a limited MarCom budget to stimulate sales across multiple communications channels. What are the top three benefits to communicate to a wider audience? What specific wording will you use to motivate upgrades and new sales? Is the message different among current customers and prospective customers, between social media and traditional media?

Adaptive Survey® allows you to answer these questions with a very short questionnaire conducted among testers. A slightly different URL is used to invite testers from different media channels.

  1. A rating scale: How satisfied are you with ABC Product that you have been testing?
  2. An Adaptive Question ® among those satisfied near the top of the scale: What would you say to a friend or business associate who may be interested in using ABC Product themselves?
  3. An Adaptive Question® among those not satisfied near the top of the scale: What should we add, change or delete from ABC Product to increase your satisfaction?

That’s it. Assuming you get 300 or so responses, the Adaptive Question® will deliver about 100 prioritized word-of-mouth suggestions. As a bonus, you will get prioritized suggestions to improve the product. Our system groups all suggestions using a patent-pending crowd-sourcing technology that will identify the top three benefits general and specific wording to motivate upgrades and new sales. The MarCom output looks like this.

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