Upgrade Motivation

Using Adaptive Survey® Technology to Understand Upgrade Motivation.

You have lots of customers but how do you get them to upgrade to your new version? A short Adaptive Survey® will help you identify customers most likely to upgrade and uncover upgrade benefits including those you never even imagined. In additional you can glean actionable improvements needed to stimulate upgrades – even if only one person mentions it. CloudMR’s Adaptive Survey® Technology is designed to gather open-ended improvement suggestions and prioritize them using our patent-pending crowd-sourcing technique. It delivers specific actionable improvements along with general areas that need the most attention.

Here is what a typical upgrade-motivation survey looks like using Adaptive Survey® Technology®.

  1. An Upgrade Intent Question: How likely are you to upgrade XYZ Product to the new version in the next few months?
  2. An Adaptive Question® Among Those Not Likely to Upgrade: What should we add, change or delete from XYZ product to increase the chance that you will upgrade to the next version?
  3. An Adaptive Question® Among Upgraders and Those Likely to Upgrade: What would you say are the key benefits of upgrading XYZ Product to the next version?
  4. Give them a chance to say anything that they want: If you have other comments for the XYZ Product development team, please enter them here.

That's it. These four questions deliver the information you need to understand the benefits and improvements needed to drive upgrades. Assuming you get 300 or so responses, the Adaptive Question® will deliver about 100 prioritized improvement suggestions. Our system also groups all suggestions using a patent-pending crowd-sourcing technology that will identify the general areas that need more resources. The output looks like this.

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